Speedline comes to Munich!

On the 7th of July, the Munich Speedline Masters will take place in Munich at Königsplatz as part of the Munich Sports Festival.

The Munich Speedline Masters 2024 offer a unique opportunity for Slackline enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their skills and compete with like minded individuals.

By combining international and regional competitions, the event  provides a platform where locals from the Munich Slackline scene can interact with international athletes.

Additionally, speedlining is not limited to one discipline of Slacklining. Both those accustomed to a regular slackline in the park and trickliners or highliners can participate, where speed and nerves of steel are all that matter. 

However, fun and community spirit take precedence. Exciting side events and workshops further encourage interaction and round off the event. It is a meeting point for athletes, families, and fans of the trend sport who want to experience the exciting world of 

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A test for speed and balance!

The Munich Speedline Masters 2024 will offer an impressive program of competitions, workshops, and experiences. From action-packed Speedline competitions to professional Trickline workshops and interactive Slackline experience worlds, the event has something for everyone. The competitions will be held in an exciting format that challenges the best athletes and captivates the audience. With a comprehensive schedule and a variety of activities, the event promises a day full of thrills, fun, and community.

How does the competition work?

The competition consists of 3 qualifying rounds, a quarterfinal, a semifinal, and the small and grand finals. After the qualification, participants compete on 2 parallel slacklines. 

How is the exact timing measured?

The time is measured by the judges. Participants always start from a platform and must reach a mark just before the end of the slackline. In the qualification, the best time counts. If a participant falls before the finish line, they must restart, and the time continues to run.

Total prize money of €4500!

International Speedline Masters Men
1st Place: €700 
2nd Place: €400 
3rd Place: €200 

Munich Speedline Masters Men
(Slackliners living in Bavaria only)

1st Place: €500 
2nd Place: €300 
3rd Place: €150 

International Speedline Masters Women
1st Place: €700 
2nd Place: €400 
3rd Place: €200 

Munich Speedline Masters Women
(Slackliners living in Bavaria only)

1st Place: €500 
2nd Place: €300 
3rd Place: €150 

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Registration is done online and on-site until the day of the competition, up to a maximum of 2 hours before the start of the competition. However, for organizational reasons, we kindly ask all interested people to register at least 2 weeks before the start of the competition. 


The competition begins with a qualification round to determine the rankings. Subsequently, the knockout rounds follow, where the athletes compete one-on-one and are judged by a jury.

Saturday 06.07.2024
14:00 -18:00 Open Training (In the course of the afternoon, the setup switches between Speedline and Trickline)

Sunday Competition 07.07.2024
10:00h – 13:00h Qualification men and women, 3 rounds per person the best time counts
13:00h – 16:00h Trickline Workshop
16:00h – 16:40h Quaterfinals men and women, 2 rounds per category (local, international)
17:00h – 17.40h small and big finals men and women 2 rounds per category (local, international)

Sunday Workshops 07.07.2024
10:00h - 10:30h Slackline-Workshop for beginners
10:30h - 11:00h Schmerzfrei mit dem GIBOARD
11:30h - 12:00h GiboardTrick-Training
12:00h - 12:30h Slackline-Workshop for beginners
12:30h - 13:00h Schmerzfrei mit dem GIBOARD
13:30h - 14:00h Giboard Trick-Training
14:00h - 14:30h Slackline-Workshop for beginners
14.30h - 15:00h Schmerzfrei mit dem GIBOARD
15:00h - 15:30h Profi-Trickline-Training
15:30h - 16:00h Giboard Trick-Training
16:00h - 16:30h Slackline-Workshop for beginners

16:30h - 17:00h Schmerzfrei mit dem GIBOARD
17:00h - 17:30h Profi-Trickline-Training
17:30h - 18:00h GiboardTrick-Training



Once again this year, we will give you the opportunity to try slacklining. Due to its popularity, we are expanding the experience world and will also offer workshops this year. No prior knowledge of slacklining is required for the workshops, as they are designed to provide an introduction to the topic. The following courses/workshops are offered:

Beginner Workshops:  Learn the methodically correct approach to mastering balance on a slackline.

Back Training: Slacklining, especially with the GIBOARD (see image), offers the opportunity to alleviate or even correct typical sitting discomfort in the lumbar and cervical spine areas.

Giboard Trick Workshop: Learn tricks on the GIBOARD and discover the possibilities of playing with balance.


Gravity is a habit that's hard to shake off,